A1 Pest Pros

Morin’s Landscaping is proud to introduce a new division, A1 PEST PROS!! 

A1 Pest Pros – Founding

Morin’s Landscaping is a locally owned business by the Morin brothers (Andy & Kevin) founded in the fall of 2009, Though landscaping was not the first business idea the Morin brothers had. Their first business endeavors was cutting and selling fire wood years before the founding of Morin’s Landscaping. Many ricks of wood was sold by the brothers but they soon ran out of locations that had a reliable supply of fire wood. That’s when the thoughts of “what can we do next” came to mind.
Why not mow a few yards?
In 2006 their grandpa, Gene Wilds was in need of a mowing service, with the heat of summer, he was not able to get outside to mow his lawn, Kevin was in need of a job to help support his dirt bike racing habit. Fast forward to 2009, when grandpa decided it was time to get a new lawn mower, which Kevin had been discussing with his grandpa about buying his old lawn mower to start a lawn care business. Grandpa thought it was a great idea! As Grandpa’s are, allowed Kevin to borrow the trailer, weed eater and blower until he could purchase his own later that year.
In the fall of 2010 Kevin was off to college for Motorsports Engineering at IUPUI, He also worked 19 hours a week for Cummins Engine Company in Columbus,IN. He now had no way of completing his 13 yards on Saturday if it rained. Andy started mowing the yards during the week after he got off work at Brooks & Earl Corp.
The Morin brothers began to do landscaping jobs on the weekends in 2011, and had 2 full time employee’s to mow all the yards they now had. Andy handled the daily company operations in the absence of Kevin during the week while he was a full time student until spring of 2015.
Over the past 6 years, Morin’s Landscaping offering of quality outside lawn treatments has just moved indoors!
A1 pest pros was just a thought until spring of 2016 when Kevin Morin & Andy Morin passed the Category 7a – Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health-Related Pest Management exam for in home pest control. This was brought to relativity from request of multiply client requests for in home pest control solutions, since we already offered pest control solutions outdoors it was an easy decision to pursue this new business opportunity.
A1 pest pros furthered certification to obtain a Category 7b – Termite Control in fall 2017 when Andy Morin passed the exam for termite & wood destroying pest. At this point A1 pest Pros is a full service pest control solution to rid your industrial, commercial or residential property of any unwanted pest!
A1 Pest Pros is dependable & honest, we are licensed professionals here to serve your pest control needs anytime of the day.

Contact the office at 812.352.7645 to schedule a FREE in-home pest inspection.

We not only treat and inspect for seasonal insects, we can treat and inspection for bug bugs and termites! For more in-formation, contact the office today!